Trust & Estate Administration

Guidance, Direction, & Supervision

Trustees, personal representatives, conservators, and fiduciaries frequently engage Papista & Papista to manage the administration of large estates and trusts, and to work with outside professionals with respect to tax, business valuations, real estate appraisals, and accounting matters.

We provide individuals and financial institutions with the necessary tools and guidance to properly and efficiently administer trusts and estates and fulfill their fiduciary duties. We also represent interested persons involved in the trust or estate administration process, monitoring the administrative process to ensure that their rights are being protected.

We also offer legal services related to guardianships, conservatorships, and special needs trusts.

Papista & Papista has excellent relationships with knowledgeable financial advisors, tax experts, and other professional resources that enable us to best serve our clients.

Our extensive experience in trust and estate administration includes:

  • Advising Trustees and Personal Representatives
  • Advising Guardians and Conservators
  • Power of Attorney and Fiduciary Compliance
  • Special Needs Trust Administration
  • Beneficiary Representation and Supervising Administration
  • Serving as a Neutral Fiduciary
  • Coordination of Services with Outside Professionals (business valuations, tax analysis and filings, real estate appraisals)